Maryland Works and the DD Council Announces 10 New TIP (Transforming and Improving Practices Through Customized Technical Assistance) Grantees

This investment, the second round of TIP grant funding in two years, is one of several ways Maryland Works and the DD Council are addressing the following Five Year State Plan goal: “Children and adults with developmental disabilities meaningfully participate in all facets of community life, and are valued and supported by their communities.” The first round of TIP awards were granted in 2016 and resulted in 13 grantees, five of which are in rural areas.

All of the agencies in this current round are receiving TIP grants for the first time. As part of this initiative, grantees will also participate in a learning community to share successes, challenges, strategies, and best practices.
Read the current project summery here

Selected recipients:

• Ardmore Enterprises – to support closure of the day center, use person-centered planning, and measure data-driven outcomes.

• Bayside Community Network – for support to transform from a sheltered work/day program model to a community employment model.

• Community Living, Inc. – for support to transform from a facility-based agency to a community-based agency with person-centered supports.

• Gallagher Services – to assist with an agency-wide cultural change and the use of of person-centered thinking and planning.

• Melwood – to help develop a strategic plan and a staffing/scheduling model that supports people to engage in meaningful employment.

• Opportunity Builders – to assist in the development of a business plan to phase out sub-minimum wage contract work.

• Rehabilitation Opportunities – to assist in improving the agency’s strategic plan and work flow chart and develop a process to move people from sheltered workshops to community employment.

• The Arc Baltimore – to assist with improving staff culture, organizational infrastructure, and implementation of customized job coaching.

• The Arc Central Chesapeake Region – to help develop a cohesive plan specific to achieving outcomes in rural settings.

Bob Hofmann, Maryland Works, President & CEO stated, “Maryland Works and the DD Council are excited about providing the opportunity to support Community Service Providers again in their efforts to expand community integrated employment.