Coronavirus-19 Protocols

UPDATED: MARCH 17th, 2020

Bayside Community Network, Inc.

          COVID-19 Protocols

            Amended 3/17/2020

  1. Day Program closure for all consumers.

* In alignment with State and Local entities, we will be closed for all day consumers

* We will re-open when congregate group guidelines are altered, and we feel confident we can ensure the safety of everyone at Bayside

* Employment consumers will still receive transportation and job coaching. Many employers have elected or been mandated to close. Employment services are based individually.

2. Residential and Personal Supports Services

*Residential consumers will be supported in their residential home by either day or residential direct care professionals.

* Personal Supports consumers not living with family or requiring essential services will continue to receive critical support by direct care professionals

3. Preventive Measures and Social Distancing

*Wash hands frequently and thoroughly. Washing hands is better than hand sanitizer.

*Avoid touching your face

*Avoid physical contact when possible

*Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces in the home and vehicles. If a Res home or PS site cannot find disinfecting supplies in the store, contact your program manager.

*Save cleaning product bottles when empty. We have the ability to make several items and can re-fill bottles for the res homes and PS sites.

*Wash dishes in the dishwasher if able.

*When not providing personal care, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others.

*If you are not feeling well, stay home. If you feel as though you have symptoms of COVID, call your family doctor for guidance.

4. Visitor/Meeting Restrictions/Limitations

*All visits by families, friends and others not needed for direct support are restricted. Please understand our obligation in protecting the health and well being of those that we serve.

* All team meetings will be held via conference call until further notice.  Program Coordinators will reach out to parties to set up meetings.

*Our main office is closed to all consumers, visitors and non-essential staff. Staff needing additional supplies should go through their Program Coordinator to arrange supply pick up.

*Staff needing to speak with HR or Payroll should do so by phone. Both offices have the capability to handle most items online to avoid unnecessary contact.

*All business meetings will be held via conference call or rescheduled.

5. Limit unnecessary travel

*All staff should limit travel outside of the area to emergencies only. Air travel and cruises are especially discouraged as detailed in CDC guideline. Depending on BCN leadership’s assessment of the risk, BCN may require returning travelers to self-quarantine for up to two weeks before returning to work.               

6. Temperature Monitoring

*Each location has a thermometer

 *Everyone (staff and consumers) in homes and at the main office should have their temperature taken daily

*Actions based on temperature readings should be as follows:

    -Green Zone (up to 99)       Follow precautionary measures

   -Yellow Zone (99 to 100 without respiratory symptoms) take temperature frequently and enhance social distancing and precautionary measures.

-Red Zone (100+ with respiratory symptoms) Follow instructions below for Staff and Consumers with Symptoms

7. Staff with Symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath)

*If you are already at home, stay home and inform your supervisor.

*If you are at work, inform your supervisor immediately. If you are a Direct Support Staff and need to stay until a replacement staff arrives, isolate yourself as much as possible away from others and enhance precautionary measures until you are able to leave.

*Seek medical care. Call your primary care doctor or local health care facility first. Unnecessarily, going to hospitals and other medical services increases risk of infection for you and others. Your doctor or health care provider will direct you with what next steps you should take.

8. Consumers with Symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath)

*Contact the nurse on call

*Increase social distancing until the nurse or healthcare provide gives additional directions for testing and care

9. Residential Consumers with coronavirus or Suspected Coronavirus

If someone you support is suspected to have or is diagnosed with the coronavirus, they may be hospitalized or instructed by medical professionals to stay home. If they are instructed to stay home while sick, we will consider whether they and/or their housemates could stay with family members. We may utilize an alternate home as a quarantine site. In the event that BCN needs to continue directly supporting someone who is sick with COVID-19:

                *People who are sick should be quarantined away from housemates. Separate the quarantined away from housemates. Separate the quarantined person by using separate bedrooms and bathrooms when possible.

                * DSPs supporting people who are sick should wear gloves, gowns, safety glasses and masks. Please contact your program coordinator for supplies. Supplies are extremely limited and will be kept at the main office until needed.

                * Additional directions will be given by the agency nurse on continued care and best practices.

     10.     Day Consumers with Coronavirus or Suspected Coronavirus

*If a Day consumer has or is suspected to have COVID-19 they are to follow the directions of their health provider. In order to return to the day program, a release to duty note must be provided by their healthcare provider.

Please continue to monitor the CDC Coronavirus website for daily updates and recommendations. ( www.cdc.gov/COVID19 )