Bayside Community Network is moving to a paperless payroll effective March 1.
The benefits to you with a paperless payroll include:

  • You will not have to go to the bank and wait in line to deposit your check
  • Misplaced or lost paychecks will no longer be a concern
  • Your pay will be available on payday
  • Paystubs and previous pay information will be available anytime on-line
  • You will not have to come in to the center on your day off to pick up a paycheck

You can choose between two options on how you want to receive your pay:

1. Direct Deposit    OR     2. PAYCARD


To Select Your Choice On How To Receive Your Pay:

Return the form that you received with your paycheck on 2/9/18,   OR   complete and submit the following form on-line:

Select how you want to receive your pay

If you do not make a choice by February 23 on how you want to receive your pay, you will automatically be issued a Visa Payroll Card.


To Register To View Your Pay Stub On-line:

CLICK HERE to Register To View Pay Stub On-line

Click Register User to create a new User Name and confidential Password

Enter 15410 for Company ID and follow the instructions


Questions? — Please call Wanda 443-245-3572 or Roxanne 443-245-3571