Kassidy Austin has been employed at Bayside since March 2017. She is Personal Support staff that provides support to three
individuals. Kassidy is a loyal, dedicated, and adaptable to new challenges. She performs a variety of duties ranging from
planning activities for an individual that typically would not have that opportunity otherwise to promoting positive social skills to
assisting an individual with successfully passing a college course. She handles many situations with ease and has become comfortable with ever changing job duties.

Kassidy takes pride in her work here at Bayside and is always willing to help identify potential issues affecting client care. She is
committed to improving the quality of life for our individuals by promoting choice and self-advocacy.

The following are just some of the things that clients and co-workers had to say about Kassidy:

“Loyal and dedicated employees like you are the foundation to any successful company. Thank you for your contribution.”

“Kassidy is a team player. I often ask for her help and she seems to already know what type of help I need and is already on it. She is a blessing.”

“I love how Kassidy is so compassionate with our guys. She treats clients like family.”

“Kassidy always comes to me to talk about possible problem resolutions and is willing to try things outside of the box. She is definitely a team player and offers help all the time.”

Thank you, Kassidy, for autographing your work with excellence!