Tisha Robinson is the recipient of the March 2018 “Autographed with Excellence” award. Tisha has been employed at Bayside Community Network as a residential aide at the Biles Group Home since December 2015. As with all residential staff, Tisha is responsible for a wide variety of duties and responsibilities in the home. These include helping residents with their daily living skills, meal preparation, community integration, assisting with implementation of individual programming, and maintaining the home. Tisha approaches everything that is asked of her with a positive attitude and an open heart. Both staff and consumers enjoy working with her. The following are just some of the things that clients and co-workers had to say about Tisha:

“Tisha is a hard worker and she cares about the residents she works with.”

“ Tisha interacts well with both clients and staff. She treats everyone with respect.”

“Tisha is a super, great person to work with!”

“Tisha is willing to help whenever needed. She is a team player.”

“There are few people who you meet and immediately feel at ease with, Tish is this person. Tish has a delightful presence that gives residents, peers and families a sense of confidence and peace. She is pleasant, reliable and hardworking. Tish always has a smile on her face and a willingness to help. Tish takes pride in her work, always doing her best. The residents of the Biles home describe her as fun, sweet, helpful, a great cook, and always kind……Always kind, that says it all!”

Thank you, Tisha, for autographing your work with excellence!